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The "Grande Corsa Bianca" is a one of a kind race. It runs for 160 km with 6000 mt of altitude gap to deal with in self-sufficiency. The starting point of the event is Ponte di Legno at the ski point. The trail can be done by ski, fatbike or by foot, carrying a small sled.It's not possible to change your discipline during  the race and You will have 50 hours to complete the route.



The Grande Corsa Bianca is exclusively for athletes with a provedexperience both on long trail races ,on winter trails or with high altituderaces, conscious of the hardness of the race. The athlet will have to dealwith the problems that may occur (bad weather conditions, mental fatigue ortiredness, disorders, muscles inflammation, wounds etc.). In order to participate, you will have to present a specific resume that will bevalidate by the judges. Also, all the athlete must be over 20 and have amedical certification to prove a good health condition. 


              • A Sleeping bag for low temperatures (-15°C -20°C degrees - extreme temperatures)
              • A "lunar screen" or an emergency blanket
              • Frontal flashlights with spare batteries
              • A full charged mobile phone with all the emergencies number that will be given by the organization
              • Food
              • A jacket for low temperatures
              • Anti-wind pants
              • Gloves and a warm cap
              • Bottle cage or  a camel bag
              • An A.R.T.V.A*
              • An emergency kit
              • A whistle
              • A snow shovel* and a snow probe*

*can be rented on the place of the race 


  • A GPS Device
  • An Helmet
  • Snowshoes
  • Pulka or a sled
  • Camp cooker


  • it is only possible to contend the race by foot, bike or ski;
  • it necessary to have a valid, agonistic certificate of good health;
  • it is not possible to change discipline during the race;
  • the time consented to finish the race is 50 hours within h18:00 of January 21th 2016;
  • all athlete must start and end the race with all the required materials;
  • the check points will be houses or tents and only the athletes will be admitted in; you will find water at all the check points;
  • the athletes who would sleep between a check point and another, must rest outside the road but must make them self visible with a light turned on;
  • all athletes must sign in and sign off at all the check points. If not, the athlete will be disqualified;
  • there will be three time barriers, the athletes who won't be able to respect it will be stopped;
  • the race is self-sufficient. Every kind of help from the team or everyone else are not allowed;
  • using snowmobiles to make the race easier is not allowed;
  • the athlete who will receive an help from the outside will be disqualified;
  • the athletes must follow the official route: is absolutely not allowed to take short cuts;
  • the organization is allowed to change the route in case of danger or for any security reasons;
  • it is necessary to respect any private propriety;
  • do not throw trash away along the route;
  • you can only relieve yourself outside the route.  



All along the trail you will find several control's point: for seven point there will be a closing time by which the athlete will have to arrive in order to not be excluded by the competition. In all the control's points the runners will have to sign in and out, if not so, will be excluded by the competition. In every check point there will be water. Only some of them will be furnished with food and a place to rest (see altitude profile). The possibility to sleep in a points is connected with amount of people staying in. All the runners must have the equipment to sleep on the outside. Every competitor must be sure to have enough water and food at the moment of the check out.

Here are the closing time of the points:    

Place Proggressive distance Structure Gates
1. Tonale Km 08 Outdoors  
2  Vermiglio Km 20 Shelter / Bar Centro Fondo Thurday at 23:00
3. Passo Tonale Km 32 Shelter Malga Cadì Friday at 04:00 am
4. Case di Viso Km 43 Shelter Friday at 08.00 am
5. Cortebona Km 58 Shelter Casa del Parco  
6. Chistol Km 64 Shelter  Friday at 15:00 
7. M.ga Val Grande Km 73 Shelter Casa del Parco Friday at 17:00
8. Malga Salina  Km 81 Shelter Malga Salina  
9. Malga Mola Km 97 Shelter Malga Mola Friday at 24:00
10. Guspessa  Km 106 Shelter   
11. Trivigno Km 122 Shelter Centro Fondo  
12. Lago Mortirolo Km 142 Shelter Rifugio Antonioli Saturday at 13:00
13. Malga Salina Km 153 Shelter Malga Salina  
14. Ponte di Legno Km 176  Finishing line Palazzetto dello Sport Saturday at 22.00 pm

closing race Saturday 10 February at 22.00 pm 



The briefing is required for all the racers. During it, you will be told about the rules, the weather conditions, how to act in case of emergency and the closing time of the check points. In case of emergency, few changes on the route may be done by the race crew- the race also may be suspended in case of high emergency.



If an athlete decide to abandon, in case of emergency, by his decision or by demand of the race crew, it will have to happen at the nearest check point. Here, the racer, will be in the care of the organizers and led in the valley.



In order to sign on to compete in this race, you will have to download and to compile the files in this page: the  and The registration form for the responsibility. You will have to send your CV too and pay the sum of 200 euro include the registration fee and the race pack. You will have til January to pay the sum or to registrate. All the requests to athlete that will arrive after this date will be personally looked at by the race crew.When you sign on you will be considerated personally responsible for any damages. 

(c/o Cassa Rurale Alta Val di Sole e Pejo IBAN: IT14N0816354470000140300631 – BIC: CCRTIT2T43A).  



The racer who will arrive at the final point in Ponte di Legno with the best time will win the race. A final and general ranking, with both men and women, will be written down. And it will also be a only female ranking and only male ranking. The first male winner and the first female winner will get to sign in for free at the next year edition of the race. All the athletles who get to complete the race will receive a Finisher prize.

  • Parco nazionale dello Stelvio

  • parco dell Adamello

  • Alta Valle Camonica

  • valle dei segni

  • ponte di legno tonale

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